Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Shout out to the Lady who Butchered my Husband's Hair Today!

A couple of months after we got married I told Justin that I was sick of paying for his haircuts, and that I was going to learn to cut it myself.  He was understandably somewhat resistant to the idea, but after a couple of months of badgering him to let me buy the clippers and give it a try he finally caved, when we fortuitously found a clipper set on sale.

The first time went pretty well, although I initially inflicted a bit of pain, and then was so overly cautious that it took me at least a solid hour or more to complete the job.  I've gotten faster and braver since then, but occasionally he still endures some degree of discomfort during his haircuts.  Justin does not suffer these discomforts in silence, I'm always alerted to the issue, pretty much right away, and I wouldn't say he's a real diplomat about it.  I've never really understood why he thinks that's a good idea, seeing as how I'm standing there with the buzzing clippers in hand.  Regardless, so far I haven't felt pushed to the point that I've felt a need to demonstrate to him whose in charge during these haircutting sessions.  Although there's a part of me that wishes I had.

Anyhow, since he's been back in Idaho he's been going to the little military haircut place on base.  He said the first one didn't go so well, and looking at it on skype I thought I could have done better.  Today he went back and got the second one, and I loved seeing it on skype tonight.  It's way too high, not at all faded, the lines are crooked, it has visible ridges in it, and is weirdly kind of lopsided.  I love it!  I love it because he also told me that it was very uncomfortable and in his words "if it had been you giving me that haircut I would have been yelling at you..."  Which then of course begs the question why he just suffers in silence with this complete stranger butchering his hair in what was apparently kind of a painful fashion, but feels like it's okay to bark at the love of his life for allowing loose hair to fall into his ear.  Naturally, I could not pass up the opportunity to point this out to him, and it was beautiful to hear him say "I thought about that too actually, that I should probably be nicer to you while you're cutting my hair."  So whoever that woman is out there that butchered my husbands hair and made him look ridiculous, THANK YOU!

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