Thursday, June 15, 2017

Funny Things That My Toddler Says

She loves the story of Moses, but for a while she couldn't pronounce his name, so she would ask me to tell her about "Morsel."  Now she can say "Moses," but for some reason she prefers "Morsel."

"I like that part of the fish movie when Nemo says 'Yep.'"  (We have no idea during what part of the movie this memorable line is uttered.)

After Justin has asked her to do something for him: "Well, that's not my responsibility." (Looking forward to the teenage years with this one.)

"I'm just all about my Dad Bug."  I get to be treated to this announcement several times a day.

In our hotel room, I asked her if she'd seen the room key.  "Let me just get it out of the refrigerator."  Then she walked over, opened up the mini fridge and produced the key card.  "I just didn't know where else to put it."

When her pant legs were riding up "Dad can you please fix my pant sleeves?"

"How do my lips look?  I just want to look pretty for Dad."

Mumbling to herself about checking on something as she walked across a waiting room to the candy vending machines, then turned and announced "Yes, that candy is good for me.  I just checked and it is good for me Mom."

While "helping" me with laundry she pulled out one of  my shirts "WOAH!!! This is a BIG, BIG shirt."  Thanks Viv.

"I just gave Ivan a kiss.  Wasn't that so nice of me?"

As she completely ignores my request to leave a sleeping Ivan alone "Well he likes it when I mess with him."  The worst part about this is that he woke up and started laughing hysterically at her so I couldn't even argue the point with her.

Trying to get her to eat her dinner: "Well I'm just feeling nervous about this chicken."

She was in the bedroom and sent to stand in the kitchen as a sort of time-out scenario.  "I don't see a kitchen around here."

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